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There's probably a better way of doing it, but I wanted to make my unoriginal ammeter look more original.
While I can't easily change the needle shape or the scale, I could scan in a real one and clean it up. So here is a quick and cheap way to make your ammeter look better! If you'd like to try I'd advise printing on thick card to the right size for your ammeter and then cutting out with a very sharp scalpel to avoid fluffy edges.
Better results will be obtained using an uncompressed bitmap file or alternatively I can provide the Photoshop document if you feel like modifying mine (eg text colour etc.).


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Ammeter revival.

That looks a good idea, but too late for me. A few months ago during an extensive rebuild I bought a new 'Replica Miller Ammeter' to replace the original that had a damaged chrome ring. Unfortunately the new one did not exactly match the finely marked calibration and thin pointed needle of the original but some careful work, new seal, glass and chrome ring has returned original to good order and now installed ready for the next fifty years service.The replacement resides in the 'may be needed one day' box that is standard item for long term Vincent owners the world over, giving countless hours of pleasure rummaging through the oily contents. Only this week mine yielded up a genuine sealed Lucas set of platinum mag points (contact set) still in little red box,where it had waited thirty years for the moment. A rare find indeed.

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An alternative

A few years ago I did something similar. I re-did the bezel, and some printed by a local screen printer onto self adhesive labels. Looks good and is simple to fit.:D