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Ammeter Peculiarities.‏


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Dear All,
Can someone with more electrical nowce then me (and thats not hard) tell me why an ammeter reads the wrong way? At speed the needle is hard over to full discharge. Stopped with the lights on the needle shows about 6 amps discharge. I thought it was just a case of the meter connections around the wrong way but not so.
Miller generator, regulator and ammeter.


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Look here.

There should be 3 wires to the ammeter, one from the regulator, one from the battery and one out to light(switch). It sounds like one is wrong, not all.

The wire from the battery should go to one ammeter terminal and the one to the lights to the other - this will show no charge, but will show discharge with the lights on, reverse them if this is back to front.

The third wire is the charging wire from the regulator and should be the opposite ammeter terminal to the battery. The ammeter then registers the difference between what's going out (lights) and what's going into the battery (charge).

That's my reading (but I'm a mechanical engineer, so what would I know?).

Good Luck

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As we all know, electrics work on smoke. Proof is shown when an electrical circuit fails and the smoke escapes. You obviously have smoke running in the wrong direction on your bike.
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