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Amal 10 tt9

Len Matthews

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No problem, I had one on my Comet in conjunction with a Mk2 cam but being a racing carb it has no throttle stop screw so it's not possible to set a steady tickover. After taking advice I settled on a 280 Main Jet-Monobloc jets fit. I also found that to avoid a flat spot when accellerating it was necessary to set the mixture screw on rich side.


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Roy is certainly correct about a new carb. The stock set up, so to speak, would be a Grey Flash/Lightning manifold and a clip fit TT. The carbs are hard to find in 32mm and a little easier in 1-1/8". I do not know how hard it is to find a manifold, I have not seen one for sale for a while. The flange mount will work fine, but you may have to weld a flange on to a stock Vincent manifold. There are many more flange mount carbs for sale at lower prices and you can always get a new one. If you buy a used one plan on a new slide, available from Surrey Cycle or Burlen for about $80. I would get a number 4 slide so you can work the slide up to the right cut away rather than risk ordering one that may be too lean. Maybe the gents who are runing them can tell you the right size?



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A new TT is as Roy said the best way, certainly I thought my TT carbs I have been racing with for 30 years were OK -untill I bought a new one.
the alloy wears imperceptibly other than the obvious slide area.I would still use the old TT on a road bike but they arnt quite as crisp as one would want
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