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Misc: Charging Systems Alton Question


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For a long time Alton 'Dynamos' were supplied with a regulator that would slowly discharge the battery when not in use unless there was a switch in the circuit then they started (2017?) to produce 'Dynamos' with a regulator that did not discharge at rest. If I have an early Alton will a new regulator work and also not discharge the battery

Vincent Brake

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I have lately bought some 7015 C p4 bearings there. 75€ each. Here they are 250€ cheapest

Amazing quality.

Allthough for spindle in Schaublin bought a nos set of 3 SNR.
But would buy in china now.


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actually I have fitted your Lucas type three phase 180 W new generator to this Horex 500 below a few months ago. And certainly had rectifier and converter from Aliexpress hooked onto it. Sorry I did not take photos of it. Funny effect to the guy who restored the Horex after it burned down with a leaking float chamber in the tiny garage: When he started the engine all was as should be - but when turning the battery ignition key off , so in 12 V system now two 6 V coils plus breaker powered, the engine would not stop as the Lucas set powered the ignition at idle speed already. He had something wrong in his wiring system and changed it accordingly after this.
Looking up my statistics at Ali I must have had about 190 orders in previous years and only very few items were not quite what I imagined, so no question for me to go along with them when time is no factor. Just you have to read between lines often to get an idea what you likely will get, the shops there not always know themselves what they got. But same goes for any shop you pop into: You really believe the staff in there knows what they are talking about ??
Anyway, Aliexpress or Ebay (evilbay?) do not produce or sell anything, they are just a platform like adverts in newspapers, for private persons or companies , small or big. So you don´t blame platforms for unsatisfied buys , you better blame your fellow people for being crooks - now that is modern anyway, don´t have to look very far, starting at your bank and so on . . . .
Well, anyway, not my business. For those "patriots" , keep your faith in your strong views , the rest may be more open for his advantage .


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