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ET: Engine (Twin) alternator / chopped cases

roger v

Website User
VOC Member
has anyone ever used chopped cases for road use by fitting a rotor on to the the drive side crank pin and then mounting the stator in the primary chain case to facilitate charging .


Well Known and Active Website User
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Here is an alternator Egli it had sat with the late great Dave Hills for years and looked like this when it came into Bens to be rebuilt,lots of shots of rebuild on Bens site BSK speedworks I believe it went to France

Chris Launders

Well Known and Active Website User
VOC Member
Yes I have on mine, but I have an open belt drive, I managed it without any mods to the mainshaft by making a long sleeve nut to hold the pulley on with the sleeve facing out. The rotor was bored to suit this and is retained by a bolt into the end of the sleeve. Instead of a key driving the rotor there is a peg in one of the pulley extracting holes which locates in a hole drilled in the rotor. This has been on something like 20 years and has not given the slightest trouble.


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