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SP: Spring Boxes (Rear) Alternative Seats

Chris Launders

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VOC Member
The Pegusa seat with the spring mechanism would have to sit too high due to the coil over for me.
Also I like a bigger saddle being overweight (my 17" Brough seat is great but looks MASSIVE on a Vincent) and Pegusa seats are not exactly modestly priced.


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My plan is to have a PAgusa rubber saddle on the B Rapides like we run on the Horexes or Guzzi prewar. There is no other saddle more comy than the rubber types - they fit any ass, big or small.
The Pagusa types are available with springs, vertikal compression springs, horizontal with extension springs, or rubber metallastic like on Earles BMWs. I´ll try the BMW type but cannot tell yet if it works well with my dual air shocks .
Prices are around € 200.- all new, complete

Pagusa saddles

BMW 250 saddle:
Pagusa BMW 250.JPG

BMW Sattel 2.jpg

BMW Sattel 3.jpg
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This saddle is on Ged's bike if I remember correctly.


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