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Alp Sungurtekin Series B Vincent at El Mirage November 14-15, 2020


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Although everyone watching seems to have a target in mind, Alp is simply trying to go as fast as the bike will go at the particular locale where he is running. The dry lake bed does not afford the same traction as salt and the one-mile track requires a lot more quickness than Bonneville's short course at 3 miles.

Although the gearbox is very sturdy, it is quite slow and a lot of speed is lost while shifting. Alp is still experimenting with the shifting a bit, but starting in second and shifting once to fourth worked well enough to set a new record.

The engine is also built to a street specification with a Mk2 and a very low compression piston at 7.3:1. So, there is plenty of room for introducing some hot rod parts in the future.

An interesting measure of Alp's success might be done by considering the number of records per minute of running the bike: a record every 8 minutes is probably about right.



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225 is still a wee way off.
If that is a reference to Dave Matson’s record speed, that was done with a fairing, and a lot more displacement. If Alp decides to build a larger motor, I can see him being a strong contender for matching or exceeding Dave’s unfaired record of 210 and partial streamlined record of 225.


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Here's an article I just saw this morning:


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