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alloy cleaning

Peter. C

Active Website User
Non-VOC Member
can anyone recommend a good product for cleaning heads and barrels without blasting them. Gunk, Jizer etc does not have much effect.


Comet Rider

Well Known and Active Website User
VOC Member
Ally cleaning products


If you can get access to a local airfield or similar, there is an aircraft product that's called alubright. It's similar to a mild caustic solution that cleans the dirt off, whilst giving the surface a bright clean finish.

You apply it with a brush, then wash off after 10-15 mins



Well Known and Active Website User
Non-VOC Member
Make sure the heads and barrels are de-greased, Gunk or Jizer, then cover the timing chest primary etc with some old WET toweling then spray and bush on Cillit Bang, leave for 15 mins then hose off, careful because anything not protected with wet towels or cloths will be stained and will need re-polishing, and you know what a sod that can be!!!

Kevin Fowler

Website User
VOC Member
I have used a citrus based BBQ cleaner called Oven and BBQ cleaner? Available at Woolies etc. Spray on gently brush , and wipe off.This cleaned 40 year old grime frommy spare barrel muff.
Kevin Fowler

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