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AHRMA Roebling Road 2019


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It is that time of year here in the states. Roebling Road was the first round of the 2019 season. Roebling is a private track that is not open to the public. As a result, I did not have any racing photos. I waited to get some shots until today. I thought it would be better to wait and see the 2019 Vins with any changes they might have.



I thought it was important to get a shot of the bike with the No. 1 plate.

Scott Dell was not able to make Roebling, so David Tompkins was the only Vincent running. He took a second place to Alex McLean on Saturday. On Sunday he was able to beat Alex in the rain, so he got first.

The biggest change over the winter was changing the steering stem to a DD modified stem with taper roller bearings. David had short springs on the bike in 2018, but he also had some problems with the lower steering race. At Roebling last year he noticed he had to adjust the steering head, when he had already done so. After Roebling he installed new races and balls on the lower races. After the last race at Barber where he won the championship, the strip down showed the new lower race had shattered. There had been a fall at New Jersey in practice, which may have done that damage. Anyway, to prevent another incident he installed the new stem and to prevent the bearing damage he went with taper rollers.

In the running for a major change was swapping the 19" wheels for 18" wheels. The small wheels perk up the handling quite a bit.

Congratulations to David for the No. 1 plate!