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Hi all.

This may sound like a strange quest to some but I'm seeking some clarity on the type of washers Vincent-HRD used during original construction.
I have a mid 1949 built HRD Shadow, I am trying to get a definitive answer on the washers used during its build.
There are two schools of thought prevailing, one is that British Standard washers were used which as you will all know had a 30 degree chamfer to one face. The second opinion is that the washers used were of the bar turned variety. In either case they were not of the 'stamped out' production method.

Any help or insight gratefully appreciated. Kind regards Neil

david bowen

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washers screws nuts and bolts (not the head lines of a news paper) where mainly bought in from different makers some of the special part numbered nuts and bolts where made a no 2 factory David


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I'm sure my answer to this won't be well accepted, but having seen two twins in the 70s that were claimed to be "as they left the factory", I would doubt if there was a standard on any bought-in components, and they would use whatever was in the stores at the time.

In Vincent's defence, the ones I saw were both late open Ds, probably put together when the company was going through the bad times.