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Advice please - where to get clutch, brake and lifter levers...


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VOC Member
Afternoon all,

Looking for some advice, where can I get some really high quality brake, clutch and valve lifter levers from?

My bike came back from Australia with some "stuff" fitted and the pivot hole wore in no time to be a sloppy fit. I bought some from the VOC spares company to replace them with and the same thing has happened again in just 2500 miles.

I'd like some really well made pieces, and I guess they need a bush in the hole as oppose to a simply drilling through the stamping?

And as for the valve lifter lever - is there a good quality replica solid one I can get hold of, mine is a open stamping again and it get's put to shame when I park alongside so many nice solid ones at a rally.

Advice gratefully received.

I'm off to Stafford on Saturday - have heard mention of a Dutch? person who specialises - is that right, and what are they like?



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Hi Stuart,
try Feked.com-Classic and Vintage Bike Parts, they have some very nice Amal items.
I have originals fitted on my outfit, but these are very worn and I intend to eventually replace them with those they supply, they aren't cheap, but replicas are available, should you wish to go that way.

go carefully mr.hutch :)


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Hi Bruce


You'll see in my original posting that I've tried VOSC and they have worn just as fast as the stuff that was on the bike when I got it back - it just poorly made in my inexperienced opinion - simple stamping with a drilled hole, which may well be just like the original. I think it needs a bush to be properly engineered.

I'm now going to investigate the two options mentioned in replies.

Many thanks, ride safe.


Have you looked at the items from VOCSC or Kemps?


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Stuart, all my original levers are like the ones you describe. So I bushed them and had them rechromed,not cheap but worth it.
Your best bet is to search jumbles and refurbish the levers..John

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