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Advice on adjusting the tappets?


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Hi All,

The Tanks's off the Rapide to do a list of small jobs, it's done 2500 miles running in distance now and I thought that checking the tappets would be sensible.

I've read Riders Handbook, Richardson and KTB - unfortunately for me there is not a Haynes Manual with step by step guides. I've read Another Ten Years and whilst a totally fascinating read, basic stuff like this (I guess) doesn't appear.

Don't all laugh at once but anyone willing to give me some guidance on how to go about setting'adjusting the tappets - I think it's TDC on each cylinder - plug out and use a wooden feeler to find it and then adjust whilst cold. Rather not do any damage though.

However, mechanical prowess is not one of my stronger points so thought I would check with those in the know before I contemplate starting?



PS We should think about setting up night classes in basic Vincent Maintenance - I'd be first student...

John Appleton

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