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PR: Proprietary Items Adjusting a Dave Hills stand


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VOC Member
I have replaced my front 20" wheel with a 21" as I do with all my post-war Vincents. The Dave Hills stand was barely sufficient with the 20" wheel so I will need to weld a plate on the feet. Does anyone have an experience with this? I am thinking about 1/4" should be enough. I would like to do this before the bike is fully assembled. The bike is an early C Shadow with straight seat lugs.
Thank you in advance.

Marcus Bowden

VOC Hon. Overseas Representative
VOC Member
Michael's idea is the best so fare, when doing my daughters red Rap it came just right from Dave H but I welded a stopper so it only "just" went over center and fitted a sprung loaded locking pin so it couldn't be bushed off the stand. The bike can be put onto the stand easily with out getting off it even with a passenger up behind you.
I'm still using my rear stand on my "B" Rap as it's been made like a paddock stand but when on it the front stopper does not touch the rear lug so no stress is applied for opening up the wheel spindle fork. Parking. The side stand is deployed which has a long leg and a 3" diameter pad on it that can sit on a very soft surface. Dismounted the rear stand is released it falls to the ground one sided, standing on the second higher leg, weight is applied bringing the bike upright, standing on the second leg the leverage is very good that it's easy to pull on the lifting handle or pannier cradle and park the bike with little fuss, with Christine with me I stay seated on the bike and she parks me and loaded with camping gear easily.



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Yes I tapped the stand feet for a 5/16" screw before I fitted it as I knew when funds allowed I would get a coil over damper in the event when I fitted the coil over it was OK.
I rather like the idea of a 21" front wheel I wish I had gone for that when I build the Grey Flash Replica


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I found that my stand wasn't lifting the rear tire up enough after fitting the JE steering stem, so I checked with some 1/4" thick wood. The 1/4" steel pads underneath worked for a while, but then the edge of the flat bar that limits the travel mushroomed a bit and the rear tire wouldn't lift enough. A spot of weld on the flat bar and a bit of filing to tune it fixed me up.

Michael Vane-Hunt

Well Known and Active Website User
VOC Member
I put the little feet on in 2017 when I converted to the Avo monoshock. Probably done about 15,000 miles, mostly fully loaded, no problems so far. The inside of the down tubes were the perfect size for a 9/16th UNF thread. The tubes are not DOM, which would be preferable, but have held up. A note to the future manufacturer of the Dave Hill's Stand maybe add a DOM tube option.


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VOC Member
Michaels idea seems the sensible solution when my stand did not work well after weldong metal on the feet Dave said he would make a new one which I had just fitted when he passed so could not say how well it worked, Dave was a fine engineer I met hi twice an all round good bloke.


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VOC Member
When I fitted a Dave Hills stand, I found the rear tyre was just touching the ground. After checking with packers as above, to see what needed adding, I bent up some 1/4" ally plates , same size as the stand feet, then drilled and tapped the feet and mounted the ally packers with CSK screws. There is hardly any extra weight (for the spring to contend with ) and can be removed or changed as and when required.
It was done without removing the stand.
Regards all,

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