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On the 12th there is a Vincent and Velocette day at ace cafe just outside of london. Was just wondering if any VOC members were going to use it as a good sunday run excuse? I went to the ace Brighton bike weekend in september in which the vincent went unrepresented with stands from BSA triumph and Norton. would rather not see the Velosomethings out do us. :D I hope to come down from university to support. However will not be on the comet sadly as it is sitting at home in need of some paint on the petrol tank. For anyone who like me has never been there the postcode is NW10 7UD


Graham Smith

Hi Alex

The North London Section will be there for sure, as they know the meet as 'Vincent/Tigger Day'.

There's an advert for it on page 17 of MPH 717 which you should receive today (Wednesday).