A poster for the ideal home.


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OK I am a student living with 5 other guys, we are all like minded. (we all study automotive or mechanical subjects.)

The problem is, they are all car lovers. (One lad has asked his parents for a Chevy V8 engine for Christmas this year after being turned down last year.)
He is already thinking about a space frame to put it in.

There is even a book shelf in the house with cam shafts, pistons, con rods valves, turbo bits on and a head all cleaned and polished. (with the old maths thermo and electronics books between.) :)

It is our sanctuary away from mothers! (To the point, one boys dad actually comes over occationally to just sit and quietly talk about normal stuff!)

So: What I am looking for is a photograph for the house which I can put outside my door.
I can get it printed from our printing dept. on A1 photo gloss for £7.00 which is ideal.

I don't want a modern Jap car. I'm looking for something with a little more charicter and period, possibly an outfit or a twin being ridden agressivly?

If anyone has such a photo in high resolution which they don't mind me putting up on my wall please could I get a copy?

It would really be brilliant.

Peter Stokes

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Hello Champion

If you like the Series A twin you are welcome to have this photo to use. It is not very high resolution, it was originally a 35mm slide, and the slide had deteriorated with the now often found fungus. I 'cleaned it up' digitally, and the result is a small file size - easily e-mailable.

It might not print to poster size, but it does depend on the distance it is to be viewed from, whether it is acceptably sharp or not. To take that to the extreme, if you stand close to one of the big advertising hoardings the dots seem very big.

I can send the photo on a CD or e-mail it to you if you want - send me a private message if you like.

Good luck - sounds like you need some bike pictures on your wall.



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Tnecniv Edipar

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LOL !! Your student digs sound like my house !! I have engine bits all over the place , a spark plug collection and even a 1986 Mclaren Tag Turbo engine complete but minus the internals , in the lounge :D

Have a look at the pix of my Rapide under my user name , I think one of the first 2 might be appropriate. They are of the bike before restoration began but I think they have a certain atmosphere. I could email you the original file if they are of any use.

Simon Dinsdale

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Wasn't there a poster that was from the "Bike" magazine from the late eighties or early nineties of a black shadow leaning into a corner with the magazines test rider hanging off it and getting his knee down.

I did have a copy at the time but is probable long gone. The bike was owned by Roland (forgot his last name) the then landlord of the Thorold Arms at Harmston just outside Lincoln where the Lincolnshire section used to meet on the last Sunday lunch of the month.


Prince Duster

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mag poster

It's Mark Forsyth - from Performance Bikes magazine. He was Battle of the Twins Champion on a Ducati in the UK, late eighties or early nineties.