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Misc: Everything Else A plain old 1949 Rapide!

Robert Watson

Well Known and Active Website User
VOC Member
Ok here we go. I have just acquired a 1949 B Rapide. It came apart sometime before the previous owner bought it in 1956. Since then it has had parts bought, The crank rebuilt and I'm sure many hundreds of hours being studied and thought about, but what it has not had is one item bolted back together. The Previous owner, now 92 has recently had a stroke and is in a care facility and his children have kindly sold it to me, with the hope that, perhaps, in the future their Father may see it as he imagined it lo these many years. I have told them it will be put together properly and that may conflict with Father time regarding a future viewing and they have accepted that.

So from time to time I will post up interesting things here, well to some perhaps, but here is a teaser to start

On the 20th April 1960 purchased from Conways were a pair of 10TT9 32mm carbs PR5/3 and PR6/3 and a pair of adaptors for above. I know what they were worth then, what are they worth today. Oh yes, never had a wrench laid to them, wrapped in cloth as clean and new as they were in 1960!
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Bill Thomas

Well Known and Active Website User
VOC Member
If you want to sell them, i pay your price?
3,5T ?
Thats the 10TT9, and yes bill i know a bit what they are for.

Lurking ur throttle grip at idle....
But thats easy to overcome.
Little tip from an Old Racer !,
Small groove in the bottom,
It may mean you won't get 8 T When you sell them on :) .
Cheers Bill.


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Robert Watson

Well Known and Active Website User
VOC Member
There are a few bits wrong or missing, or worn out but so far Spares co and my own collection have filled most of the gaps. What I am looking for is a RH short (original B style) prop stand. It will get a more modern side stand on the LH rear footpeg plate, but just need this to balance the look and if I ever need to change a front tire on the road! A little the worse for wear is OK, I have just spent some time in the shop making the LH one fit and work.


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