"A" Comet rear tyre

Simon Dinsdale

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Can any A owners advise if a Dunlop TT100 (K81) 410x19 tyre will fit in between the rear frame / mudguard of a 1937 "A" Comet? If not, what do you use?


Don Morris

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I think that the situation is the same on the twin, if so I have tried a K81 and it fits Ok.

The largest tyre I've fitted was a 3.50 x 19 Avon Grand Prix, which is wider than a 4.10, by measurment. The tightest fit is the chainguard/tyre clearance.

Also see Len Mathews post on 'Sidecar Tyres'

Len Matthews

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Series A Tyres

When the Club's A Comet came to our Section both it's tyres had been renewed with two Avons. A 3.50x19 SM on the rear seemed oversized because the clearance between tyre and mudguard was extremely tight. This may have been"Hobson's Choice" if one is insitent on sticking with Avons but we feel that a 3.25x19 would have been more appropriate and that sze is no longer listed by Avon's. However, there are other quality tyre makers that still offer this size.