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520 or 530 chain/sprockets?


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Non-VOC Member
Time for new sprockets and chain. I'd be interested in any thoughts on the relative merits of staying with 530 or switching to 520.


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Hello, Converted to 520 'O' ring set up from Conways, It has done several thousand miles now without adjustment.
Use a Scott oiler, this seems to keep the chain clean, as opposed to grease which attracts dirt.
530 'O' ring may foul the gear box casting, 520 'O' ring is no bigger than 530 standard chain.
It looks as though this chain at 2/3000 miles per year will see me out, a great investment. John.


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What is the advantage to that?

22T is a Lightning part!

It also bends the chain on a larger radius. I think I read that PEI felt that 21T was the minimum he wanted. Also, I believe that chain manufacturer industrial design guides call for larger sprockets.

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