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36mm carbs


I have on order from Burlen Fuel Services a 36 mm Amal Mk11 concentric carb. Their man on the stall at Shepton Mallet said that their new UK made items will not be ready for general public consumption until probably the end of the year. Sadly, a friend who works there had told me they would be available early this year. Ha blooming Ha.
I cannot wait this long to get one, even though I do not yet have a means of firing up the device that I am building, so is there anyone out there who has one that I could purchase, or is the Mukuni a better choice ( I'm trying to buy British ) and if so, where is the best place to find one in the UK. Many Thanks, Phil Primmer

Black Flash

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VOC Member
Judjing by the quality when you hold both in your hands ( I can only compare with an 32 mm MKII) the Mikuni looks alot better to me with his chromplated heavy brass slide. If I was to buy a new carb I would buy the Mikuni straight away but this is my personal taste.
If you intend to fit an airfilter the MKII is probaly the better choice. the Mikuni VM has some kind of velocity stack cast on the main body with a big outer diameter, so when you buy a K&N filter to suit the filter gets really big and in the way of the fueltap or sticks out underneath to the side of the petroltank. I am yet looking for a good airfilter made from foam or to buy the foam alone and fabricate a filter myself for the Mikuni

chankly bore

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Dear pushrod,Motocarb u.k. are very helpful.Wot sort of ignition are you proposing on this motorised bath chair of yours,by the way??? Cheers,Chankly Bore


Dear Chankly Bore, Explosion of the contained volatile gas will be by a humble Lucas distributor at this moment in time, and, it was/is £300 cheaper than an electronic set up, is easier to get spares for, and I will be able to fix it beside the road, but I hope that this will not happen. My motorised bath chair will be like a Lotus Seven at the front and will have an enlarged Comet engine in a twin shock frame shoved up the rear. Pictures will be released when it is done. Cheers, ET43
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