35/35 watt Headlamp bulb


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I've heard about a 12V 35/35 watt headlamp bulb, but can't find anything suitable on the internet. I've got a Cibie headlamp that takes an H4 bulb, does anyone know if a 35/35 is available in a Halogen H4 format?

I do have the option of a 70s style Lucas lens if there's a bulb available for that.

I usually run a 60/55 W but I don't do much night riding, and I want to give my old electrics as easy a time as possible.


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Hi Howard,
I got mine from my local bike shop, who stocks them for the 50cc twist and go mopeds:D

Paul Goff (mentioned by Rapcom) is another good stockist, who will do mail order.

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Hi Howerd.
I have the same conversion on my Comet the 35/35 watt halogen bulbe will not fit in the standard H4 holder they are the same shape but the large tab is 10mm instead of 8mm ( I think) all you hve to do is file out the holder on the reflector and Bobs your uncle. The L.E.D. tail lights are fine and so are the speedo bulbs but if you fit the halogen pilot light they add another 18watts to your headlight load. I carry one in case my headlamp bulb fails as a get you home measure.It takes up less space in the toolbox and is a little more robust.
Hope this helps.