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2LS Front brakes


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VOC Member
I've just fitted a pair of Vincent Speets 2ls brakeplate to my Brampton equipped Rapide and am very pleased with the result. I spent a lot of time & effort ensuring the original brakes were working as well as possible but these are much better and more match the performance of the engine.
I've taken on board warnings of the Bramptons not being strong enough, but if I arrive at my destination with bent Bramptons I will have avoided the accident that I certainly would have been part of.
I also changed from a 20" rim to a 21", this seems to have improved the steering a little, & looks better.


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I know I had a picture of Rons bent Comet Bramptons somewhere and his strengthening strap he brazed on but it was back when a 5 meg drive was as big as a washing machine so its on photo paper .... somewhere


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I too have been considering buying some tls brakes for my B Rapide. It is not so much the maximum force I am after as a reliable and progressive brake with the option of heavy retardation if required. In other words, peace of mind and confidence. I have a 21" front wheel and will be using a set of new (renovated?) Bramptons.
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