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27 Litre Merlin Engined Sports Car

Marcus Bowden

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My brother was going to fly out for the occasion, Ivan does keep things close to his chest, so he must be well into doing his series "A" Rapide. Ivan took me to where he uses a well-equipped workshop to do his projects and then to the residence of the man who owns it, and there I saw that fire breathing steampunk motorcycle "thing" Started it up for me, the forward end of the manifold with the ring plates is the exhaust outlet and the dope fuel used issues is pretty erratic noise.
Thank you for starting a new thread, I don't know-how, it's just that an achievement like this ought to be aired as we do have some very clever or crazy folk in this club and Ivan is certainly one of them, woodworking man by profession but puts many engineers to shame, my son, whilst onboard ship, working his way out for the 95 international was told that the pros were on the dole as too many enthusiastic amateurs were about. Like shooting fish in a bucket.
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I havent seen it in the flesh, but the tank car photos were shared with me by the wife of Ian, the pilot and engineer behind the "bike" which is apparently a handful to ride much beyond walking pace who works with Ivan on some of his projects. Ivan did mention in a recent phone call they have been having fun driving the tank car. Turns quite a few heads!