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How many of these still have the same owner?



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When I first started riding my Comet I met an old gent who said a friend of his had ridden a Vincent in the film. A few years later the South London Section did some fund-raising to buy a communication device for a wheelchair bound ex-owner who had ridden his bike in the film. I always assumed that they were the same person.
Only a rider in the film could say if he still owns the bike and in thirty odd years of D ownership I've only met a couple of owners who had bought new and none who owned up to being a Thought Police Trooper. The filmed bikes did not have identifiable numbers and were fitted with some modified parts to look different from standard. Do any of these Thought Police parts still exist?
How many Vincents, of any model, are still owned and ridden by their original buyers?


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This thread gives me an opportunity to reiterate my request posed in MPH some time ago for information on the bikes and riders in the film of 1984.
I know that there were 8 Black Princes and 2 Black Knights, 10 bikes in all; I have the names of 7 of the riders, and 3 of the registrations, but I could not get any further.
I would be very pleased to receive PMs with any information at all, even memories of club-night claims of "my bike was in the film", as cross-referencing old Year Books may lead to an answer.
Many Thanks.

Jim Richardson

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It was almost the first question I asked when I got my D, was it in the film? and as was pointed out, it had been built too late. When was the film made? my bike,19th from last, was delivered early 56.



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Jim, There is a letter in MPH 80, August 1955 from one of the Thought Police, relating some of the experience of taking part in the filming, so although the film is usually dated as 1956, that must be the release or premiere date, not the actual filming date, which must have been prior to August 1955.
However, don't give up the hope that your bike is a film star, as at least some of the Series Ds hung around the dealers for a very long time before being registered when purchased. One of the 1984 bikes was ridden by a dealer who could well have taken it from stock.....
Do you know the dealer it was delivered to from the factory, and when?
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