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1952 comet


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Tappets seem very noisey is this correct this is my first vincent its a fantastic motorcycle i am saving for a rapide mabey a black shadow i wish thanks kevin


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The top end of a Vincent is like an echo chamber! The smallest noise is magnified and with a nearly empty petrol tank it can be disquieting. That is why I wear ear plugs :). Make sure the clearances are all set at zero when the engine is cold. The pushrods should be easy to rotate but there should be no vertical movement felt in the rockers. The noise can vary depending on which cams you have fitted (Mk1,2 or 3). Compare your noise to that of other machines but in the meantime just ride it and wear ear plugs.


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Hi Kevin,

My 50 Comet was also very "tappety" when I got it running earlier this year.
I found very slight play in the Rocker bearings and on the advice of Coventry Section members installed the spares company's modified rocker feed bolts that pull the bearings up into the housings.
It has succeded in reducing the noise greatly, enough that now I can hear the whine from the timing gear!

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