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Misc: Everything Else 1951 Black Shadow Restoration


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I was offered a Black Shadow project in 2013. I purchased the project and immediately started work on it.
Took the cylinders and heads to local Vincent machinist only 3 hrs away.
Crankshaft had been completed ,prior to my purchase, by a Canadian expert and also the tank was painted and done by "Bones".
Then, another Vincent project came up, Then a buddy stopped by and said" Go buy a BMW and lets travel the USA".
Then I got a wild hair and wanted to do the Trans America Trail (TAT). So I purchased a Husqvarna 701E and proceeded to farkle it out for the off road journey. So the Shadow was boxed up for another day.

All that behind, I am now focused on this Shadow project.
The pic above shows the big stuff with a thousand other pieces and projects in boxes.

My goal is a street friendly Black Shadow to ride on a semi daily basis, couple times a week.
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. . . . only if you believe in the religion that oil trickling down along the pushrods actually reaches the hole in the follower to lubricate the cams. I say any oil from rocker bearings will run down pushrod shrouds and gets flung off any fast moving components before getting a chance to reach the outer end of the follower. Plus the hole in that place wrecks any oil wedge on the follower face where highest load is. My logic is to shut weld the hole and maximise oil supply into the camshaft out both holes right at the start of the lobes.
What oil holes at high load places do you can see below, a follower of a SR / XT 500, hardchromed and "pressure" oil feed from the bearing bolt hole drilled out to the chromed contact pad - useless .





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I think Bananamans cams wetted by his auxiliary Honda oil pump are probably the only properly oiled cams in the Vincent world. However joggle wires are like my Teddy boy Jacket a bit out of the fifties.
Personally I have never used them but then as is well known for those hi pressure spots in my race cams I rely on ' R'

Simon Dinsdale

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What about restrictor disks under ET183 seal rubbers?
Should they be used?
View attachment 44895
The restrictor discs should only be used on the cylinder barrel oil feeds and some owners even blank them off totally. The oil feed to the cam spindles should have no restrictor disc under the appropriate ET183 seal so on a twin only two restrictor discs are used (one on a single).


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The front exhaust pipe must be fitted first, then the rear pipe inserted and started second.
Just the opposite of usual exhaust install.


Bill Thomas

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I like and have always used, Joggle wires, BUT ,
I think the new modified rocker feed bolts have a smaller hole than we had before,
So maybe it would block the hole TOO much ?.
Cheers Bill.

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