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Misc: Everything Else 1951 Black Shadow Restoration


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I was offered a Black Shadow project in 2013. I purchased the project and immediately started work on it.
Took the cylinders and heads to local Vincent machinist only 3 hrs away.
Crankshaft had been completed ,prior to my purchase, by a Canadian expert and also the tank was painted and done by "Bones".
Then, another Vincent project came up, Then a buddy stopped by and said" Go buy a BMW and lets travel the USA".
Then I got a wild hair and wanted to do the Trans America Trail (TAT). So I purchased a Husqvarna 701E and proceeded to farkle it out for the off road journey. So the Shadow was boxed up for another day.

All that behind, I am now focused on this Shadow project.
The pic above shows the big stuff with a thousand other pieces and projects in boxes.

My goal is a street friendly Black Shadow to ride on a semi daily basis, couple times a week.
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Martyn Goodwin

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I have 0.040" clearance side play on my idler.
Does not appear shimable.

sorry i wrote run out, but it is side play.

View attachment 44788
do you mean wobble as it rotates? If yes then it indicates the bore in the centre is not true 90 degrees to the face plane of the idler OR that the face of the idler is not flat. Need to identify that before any decisions can be made. Simple fix is to obtain a new idler and check it out on receipt.


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I have heard of people stuffing everything on a mobile not me, I know I panic when I loose my shed keys so my mobile is thankfully free of gubbins (and calls as well since at home I get no signal)
but this little incilnometer is 50mm square and 25mm deep and I wont cry if it falls on the floor as it cost £12

Gary Gittleson

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I have an Android phone. I checked this out and found "Clinometer" in the Google Play app. It's pretty impressive. Still, Vibrac has a point as to the comparative cost between the phone and the gizmo he found.


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Exhaust clamps -I have the standard supplied, but i desire the shown heavy duty clamps.
Who supplies please?
Possibly a Harley Davidson item?

1.744"OD application, both at twin joint and muffler.
Measuring 1.746" inside ID.
Stainless steel
Wall thickness .084"

These might be 1/8" wall 1.675" id HD clamp with ID machined to Vincent application of 1.746".
Do not appear to be a weldment.

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Celebrating today with final oil flush of oil tank (very important as oil suspends particles as solvents do not).
Tank was removed from headstock to complete this task.

Able to install/uninstall a used exhaust system several times as confidence of fit was established. A little rusty, but a new system was not available at this time.
No hammering or stressing to fit, just cleaned threads, took time to align threads , nuts must spin on 4-5 threads to confirm fit.
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Moving along, fitted new Amal 930s with chokes, trial fitting the tank to see how cables work with tank.
New black mag cover does not fit, on my shelf new for probably 6 years, cast with TAYLOR on the inside. Used Rapide magneto cover works fine.
Still need many things - do not have joggle wires yet, wiring at battery end not complete, Black KS cover did not work out yet so using a Rapide cover, Looking for fuel lines, need front brake cables fabbed, etc.

Nice to hear Amal clicking closed together and chokes working.

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