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07 IOM Parade Lap Video


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There was a Video clip of the Vincent Parade lap playing endlessly at the Villa Marina last August. I recall a plan to take this video and splice it to other pieces in order to produce a fairly lengthly video which would be available for purchase.

Has anyone done this yet?


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I have seen the preview version of the video as I sent some footage away for inclusion. Martin Warr is the man who is sorting it out.Someone told me that the details are in the latest MPH but I have not found it yet..John

just re-read MPH the video is available at a cost of £2. from Martin Warr.Details in the information officers report..John
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We got a copy of Martin s DVD and it is brilliant. If you haven't got one then you should. Well done to Martin.:D


Ian Savage

VOC Vice President
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IoM Video

Gerry Jenkinson and David Lancaster are compiling a DVD, also information should should come out soon via MPH I guess.
Ian S


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I.o.m Dvd

I`ll second what Comet said. Its great. Had to watch it a couple of times. Thanks to Martin Warr for doing it. Dave Johnson:)


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i.o.m parade

If it helps i've got a full amatuer vidieo of all 200 + vins leaving quarter bridge but I have no idea how to post them onto the v.o.c. forum site.

Graham Smith

VOC Hon. Editor
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VOC Forum Administrator
VOC Forum Moderator
Gerry Jenkinson and David Lancaster's DVD

Gerry Jenkinson and David Lancaster were kind enough to send me a pre-release version of their DVD, that I have just watched (not wishing to sit though another helping The Sound of Music)!

It makes compelling viewing and would be a great addition to anyone's DVD collection (even if you didn't attend - like me!).

Thanks for sending it Gerry and David.


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Can we have a list of people who have copies of the annual rally 2007 available to buy.
As I would certainly have a copy of them as my cameraman was useless at the event and most of the film is of the floor or sky. A bit of a disappointment with no film of my run.

Happy new year to all and safe riding.


PS East Midlands Section Cobweb Meeting 12.00 at the Red Lion Pub Costock on the A60 between Loughborough and Nottingham every one welcome.

Nulli Secundus

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I have just received Martin Warr's VOC Manx Rally 2007 DVD and can confirm it is brilliant, very enjoyable and everything I had hoped for.

Thanks must go to Martin for all the effort he must have put it into producing it, and thanks also to all the other contributors who have helped make this a treasured memento to this wonderful rally.



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There were a couple of people with camera's strapped on the bikes

I'm got Martin's DVD and watched it twice - fantastic, so sorry I missed it but at least have got myself together to book for the Manx this year.

There are a couple of bikes that go through shot with camcorders strapped to the tank - one specifically you can read the rider number as he pulls into the pit lane at the end of the lap.

I wonder if we could use the organisers to track him down through his rider number and see if his footage is usable.

That plus anything else that comes to light might mean a version 7 of the Warr DVD which is just great and I'd add my thanks to Martin for taking the time and effort to produce it for us all.



Gerry Jenkinson

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VOC Member
VOC IoM Parade Video

Apologies for my long silence, elderly parent problems.

Currently adding additional footage taken by Michael Farwell from a bike mounted camera of the familiarisation /stamp collecting lap. He was the mystery rider, Number 3, I was enquiring about. I spotted his bike cam whilst pausing the edit. Thanks to Ian Savage for the ID.

Where its at.
I have edited a 40 minute version from 8 peoples videos in which no one is cut out. Anything that was filmed is in it apart from shots of the grass or where its too blurred to recognise the rider/bike.
This has coverage of;
On bike video collecting stickers on open roads. 1 Camera
Scrutineering and bits of the Manx GP racing, 2 Cameras
Leaving Quarterbridge, 2 cameras.
Parade passing 'Joeys' (Above Ramsey) ,1 Camera
Parade passing Bungalow (Mountain), 1 Camera
Arrival at the finish/pits, 1 Camera
followed by
Ramsey Sprint (Bikes Ancient & Modern) from 6 camera positions.
There are no stills, its all movie, cutting back and forth between locations. Dave Lancaster has recorded the commentary. Musical underscore.

Secondly I have done a 15 minute version. More watchable if the viewer is not Vincent addicted. No Music just engine noise, some commentary at the beginning and end.

Finally I am currently reducing that to 3 minutes to go on YouTube. Work in progress.

All three versions will be on the DVD which should be ready in mid Febuary. Unfortunately I have only just spoken to Graham Smith who will mention it in March MPH as I have missed the deadline for Febuary MPH.

If anyone else has film its not too late to add it. On which note, apologies to the person on the return ferry (by the funnel) who offered footage but whose contact details I lost! (Packaging Machinery Engineer?)

My contact details are
07905 512021


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