1. TouringGodet

    Misc: Charging Systems Which PODtronics for my Alton

    My Godet Egli was built in 2006, and it has a Boyer Brandsen Power Box model PBOX00106 regulator, which is a three phase version. I assume, therefore, that I can replace it with the PODtronics model POD-3P? Can anyone confirm that?
  2. Paul Coene

    Misc: Charging Systems Regulator for MZF-12A dynamo

    My Rapide has a Chinese dynamo type MZF-12A. The fuse was burned out and after replacement, the battery didn't charge any longer. I cleaned the commutator and tested the dynamo. It seems to work well now, so I think the (electronic) regulator is broken. (I don't know how to test it though). Is...