oil leak

  1. H

    Misc: Charging Systems Alton Installation Leading to Oil Leakage

    A few years ago I replaced the original dynamo on my twin with an Alton generator, since then I have noticed more oil issuing from the opening where the Alton enters the chain case. Comparing the dimensions of the original dynamo and the Alton it appears that there is now more space at the point...
  2. G

    ET: Engine (Twin) Rocker oil feed

    I’m after a bit of advice from you guys. We noticed an oil leak on our recently acquired 1949 Rapide C. The oil was coming from one of the rocker oil feed pipe connections. On inspection our setup doesn’t appear standard. The banjos we’re fixed with domed nuts rather than bolts and our ET100...
  3. manxman

    E: Engine More Adventures with the Comet

    The silver lining of the pandemic is that I finally have more time with the Comet, which was otherwise neglected in favor of a well-sorted (and faster...) Norton 750. I apologize. I noticed it was smoking a fair amount from the exhaust at the end of the summer and made a note to check the plug...