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    Misc: Ignition Fitting a cutout cap to a Lucas K1F magneto on a Comet

    Hi, New member here, recently bought a 1950 Comet which I am currently pulling to bits :) Whats the generally accepted method to retrofit a cutout switch to a Comet that has the Lucas K1F magneto? This magneto has the bakelite/plastic points cap that is held in place centrally by a spring...
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    Misc: Ignition Lucas KVF Rebuild - UK Recommendations?

    My New Year's resolution is to have my KVF Magneto rebuilt. After toying with buying a BTH magneto, or converting to electronic ignition, I've decided to continue with the current setup. Seems like a fiddly job to do by oneself, so I don't mind paying someone to do a good job. A quick search on...