1. Vincent Brake

    Misc: Electric Starters HD Decompressors (Solenoid)

    As my starter gear is to heavy loaded when spinning up the crank with HD bendix starter (Godet). I did machine in some HD decompressors. nice nice, (after 3 starter gears) but:::: If I would start it with ignition on, it would cause a flame out of them, not so good when petrol is near..... And...
  2. mirkothun

    E: Engine Spark plugs 1000 and 500

    Hi there, I‘m just looking for the right plugs for my Egli Black Shadow running on 32 Concentrics Mk 2. The rear cylinder stops running occasionally. Plugs used are NGK BR7ES. On my Comet Metisse I got missfires on the last run, she didn‘t take any throttle anymore and then went of. Is it...
  3. LoneStar

    E: Engine Modern Fuel & Ignition Advance

    Recently I've seen recommendations to set ignition advance at 34 degrees, as against the factory figure of 38. This is said to be necessary because of the difference between modern fuel and what was available c. 1950. Given that advance allows the mixture time to burn, so the pressure peaks...