1. S

    Where Are You Now? MFD379 Comet

    Looking to see if my Dad's Vincent Comet C is still about. He owned it in the 50's Love to get a modern picture of it to show my again father and sparks those memories for him. Perhaps it's even for sale or in bits looking for someone to restore. I'd be interested. Love to hear anything about...
  2. Jez Nemeth

    C: Clutch Comet Primary Drive Q's?

    Bit of advice sought here. Putting together a Comet, slight mods, but nothing much more than standard really 8:1 piston, ported, carb. Just rebuilt an Atlas gearbox for it and now puzzling over primary drive. Box is set with adjusters as advised in that excellent article by Conrad Osborne...
  3. H

    Where Are You Now? DCP911

    DCP 911 a Comet shown in the picture taken in 1954.
  4. mirkothun

    E: Engine Comet not running

    Hi Comet specialists, my Comet motor in the Metisse has started missfiring after a 30 km ride and cuts out. I pushed home. In kicking again it started but doesn’t take any good throttle and gets off again with no chance to start again. I checked the carb, seems to be ok, but I‘m no mechanic...
  5. mirkothun

    E: Engine Spark plugs 1000 and 500

    Hi there, I‘m just looking for the right plugs for my Egli Black Shadow running on 32 Concentrics Mk 2. The rear cylinder stops running occasionally. Plugs used are NGK BR7ES. On my Comet Metisse I got missfires on the last run, she didn‘t take any throttle anymore and then went of. Is it...
  6. E

    E: Engine Exhaust valve not right

    Took an extended ride on the Comet today. All seemed to behave as one would expect. I put the bike on the center stand put my gear away and got my Multimeter out to check battery charging. Comet was off for 10 to15 minutes. When I attempted to kick the bike over, it behaved as if the...