1. E

    H: Hubs, Wheels and Tyres Ferodo AM4 Brake Linings

    Hi, Need to get the front and back shoes relined. I have a couple of old sets of AM4 linings and wasn't sure if they contained asbestos or if they'd be suitable for road use? Thanks, Eddie Ferodo VR/2 AM4 - Set of 4 Ferodo BVR/2/1 AM4 - Set of 4
  2. E

    H: Hubs, Wheels and Tyres Are These Standard or Racing Drum Brakes?

    Hi all, Finally down to the last couple of jobs before getting the twin back on the road. Turning my attention to the wheels to check brakes etc... Have a new set of tyres and inner tubes as the current ones are 30 plus years old so definitely need to be replaced. The rear wheel appears...
  3. Martyn Goodwin

    H: Hubs, Wheels and Tyres Brake Drainage

    Looking at the brakes on my Vincent I noticed some differences. Just one of the 4 backing plates has 4 equi-distant holes around the outer edge. Also I seem to recall mention that there should be/ is desirable for water drainage holes in the brake drums themselves. So - when did these drain...
  4. john998


    Have just made up the Bert Weitz mod on an already cut up brake plate and even with only one side modified it is a definite improvement. When you put the plate in with the two nuts slack and apply the brake it is surprising how far out the new pivots are compared to the old riveted ones, this...