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    Amanda Water Scooter amanda 1st water test video

    No one commented on my last post with "restored" pics where the carburetor was positioned as downdraft and not in the proper updraft orientation (new pic attached) However, engine still ran sporadically until I finally recleaned and unstuck the SPRUNG jet for the bletchley carburetor. Runs...
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    Amanda Water Scooter Amanda water scooter. 75cc.

    Finishing restoration. Had engine running sporadically before. Replaced seals and though I’m not certain where the one O ring goes I’m hoping water test will be soon. I need help finding the white Amal twist grips. Also curious of the floatation material and where it goes. And.....are any 75cc...
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    Amanda Water Scooter Amanda Water Scooter

    looking for any information on the Amanda or the industrial power unit (single). I found one in bits that seems very complete except for the clutch assembly? Thanks, Les