1. R

    Misc: Everything Else Comet Pazon, Alton, Mikuni Strange Misfire/Power Loss

    Read below for a partial diagnosis and fix but not a solution yet. History: 1950 Comet, Amal always flooded on and off since purchased in 1969. 6v electrics, Lucas mag. 2004 upgrade 12v Alton generator. 2020 (June?) fitted Pazon Smart-fire and fitted battery key-switch. Converted all lamps to...
  2. TouringGodet

    Misc: Charging Systems Which PODtronics for my Alton

    My Godet Egli was built in 2006, and it has a Boyer Brandsen Power Box model PBOX00106 regulator, which is a three phase version. I assume, therefore, that I can replace it with the PODtronics model POD-3P? Can anyone confirm that?