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WhitakerPedia (Vincent Wiki) Archive

Various articles taken from the pages of MPH

1. Frame, Forks and Cycle Parts
1.1 Forks and Steering Dampers
1.2 Mudguards, Stands and Stays
1.3 RFM and Rear Chain
1.4 Fuel Tank
1.5 Seat
1.6 Suspension and Handling
1.7 UFM

2. Brakes, Wheels and Tyres
2.1 Brakes
2.2 Wheels
2.3 Tyres

3. Engine Unit
3.1 Barrels and Pistons
3.2 Crankcase
3.2a General
3.2b Big Ends
3.2c Connecting Rods
3.2d Crankshaft
3.2e Main Bearings
3.3 Cylinder Heads and Exhaust
3.3a Cylinder Head
3.3b Valves and Rockers
3.3c Exhaust Systems
3.4 Primary Chaincase
3.4a General
3.4b Twin Clutch
3.4c Burman Clutch
3.4d ESA
3.5 Timing Chest
3.5a Timing Chest: General
3.5b ATD
3.5c Cams
3.5d Pinions
3.5e Pushrods
3.5f Breathers
3.6 Engine, General

4. Lubrication System
4.1 Oil System
4.2 Oil Additives
4.3 Oil Leaks

5. Gearboxes
5.1 Vincent Gearbox
5.2 Burman Gearbox
5.3 Kickstarter

6. Carburettors and Fuel
6.1 Carburettors
6.2 Petrol Taps
6.3 Unleaded and other Fuels and Additives

7. Ignition System
7.1 Ignition General
7.2 Distributor, Coils and Electronic Ignition
7.3 Magneto
7.4 Spark Plugs

8. Dynamos, Alternators and Starters
8.1 Dynamos
8.2 Alternators
8.3 Starters
8.4 Regulators

9. Electrical System
9.1 General
9.2 Lights
9.3 Batteries
9.4 Wiring
9.5 Horn

10. Instruments and Controls
10.1 Instruments
10.2 Cables
10.3 Controls

11. Finish Details
11.1 Surface Preparation and Cleaning
11.2 Painting
11.3 Plating
11.4 Other

12. Obscure Components

13. Operation and Maintenance
13.1 Operation
13.2 Maintenance
13.3 Screw Threads

14. Metallurgical Information

15. Specific Vincent Series Information

16. MPH Series

17. Other Vincent Products

18. Works History

19. Miscellaneous
19.1 VOC Matters
19.2 P.E.I.’s Other Writing
19.3 Frame and Engine Numbers
19.4 Early Vincent H.R.D.s
19.5 The Racing Vincents
19.6 Record Attempts
19.7 Performance Enhancements
19.8 Vincent Specials
19.9 Notable Vincents
19.10 Luggage Carrying
19.11 Fairings
19.12 Sidecars
19.13 Touring
19.14 Reclaiming of Original UK Registration Numbers
19.15 Technical Articles
19.16 Miscellaneous

  • Published
    17 November 2019
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