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Spares Company Officers

All information correct as at 29th July 2020. *Deceased.

Current Officers
Patchett, Bob (Managing Director).    Appointed: 01/05/19.
Savage, Ian (Director).    Appointed: 01/05/19.
Kingham, Timothy (Director).    Appointed: 23/06/10.
Farrow, Arthur (Director).    Appointed: 23/06/10.
Kingham, Timothy (Secretary).    Appointed: 30/09/10.
Makenzie, Malcolm (Director).    Appointed: 02/01/15.
Milbourn, Tony (Director).    Appointed: 08/03/15. (Hon. Spares Liaison Officer.)

Previous Managing Directors
Savage, Ian.    Appointed: 02/03/09.    Resigned: 31/04/19.
Hewitt, John*.    Appointed: 11/06/08.    Resigned: 30/04/09.   
Meadowcroft, David.    Appointed: 22/01/03.    Resigned: 30/04/09.
Stansfield, Thomas.    Appointed: 04/05/93.    Resigned: 31/12/02.
Watson, Donald.    Appointed: 18/03/84.    Resigned: 13/03/94.
Greaves, Jane.    Appointed: pre 15/03/79.    Resigned: ?

Previous Secretarys
Alexander, Ian.    Appointed: 30/04/10.    Resigned: 30/09/10.
Pearson, Frank.    Appointed: 14/11/03.    Resigned: 30/04/10.
Spence, George*.    Appointed: 18/11/00.    Resigned: 14/11/03.    Obituary
Alexander, Marion*.    Appointed: March 1993    Resigned: 18/11/00.    Obituary
Rossiter, Frederick*.    Appointed: pre 15/03/79.    Resigned: March 1993    Obituary

Previous Directors
Kinley, John*.    Appointed: 20/04/06.    Resigned: 19/05/12.    Obituary
Alexander, Ian.    Appointed: 10/12/03.    Resigned: 19/05/12.
Barfoot, Geoffrey.    Appointed: 10/12/03.    Resigned: 30/03/06.
Wheeldon, Richard.    Appointed: 17/11/03.    Resigned: 09/05/15. (Hon. Spares Liaison Officer.)
Kirker, Timothy.    Appointed: 16/07/02.    Resigned: 17/04/04. (Hon. Spares Liaison Officer.)
Spence, George*.    Appointed: 10/07/02.    Resigned: 11/05/13.    Obituary I   Obituary II
Alexander, Don*.    Appointed: 14/05/95.    Resigned: 17/01/03.    Obituary
Plant, Robert.    Appointed: 14/05/95.    Resigned: 26/04/03.
Stafford, Robert*.    Appointed: 14/05/95.    Resigned: 17/04/04.    Obituary
Barker, Peter.    Appointed: 02/07/87.    Resigned: 14/05/95.
Greaves, Dave.    Appointed: 28/03/82.    Resigned: ?
Davis, Ted*.    Appointed: 28/03/82.    Resigned: ?    Obituary
Austin, Brian.    Appointed: 15/03/79.    Resigned: 10/02/81.
Blackwell, Robin.    Appointed: pre 15/03/79.    Resigned: 12/05/96.
Phillips, Bryan.    Appointed: pre 15/03/79.    Resigned: 14/05/95.

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