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Rider's Roll of Honour

Recipients of the Vincent H.R.D. Owners Club, Rider's Roll of Honour
The Rider's Roll of Honour was the idea of our Club’s founder, Alan Jackson. Of course, the Club has Honorary Members, celebrated for their various contributions to the world of Vincents and the Club, but this very select group cannot encompass everyone who has done something of note. Alan’s idea was to try and gather together a list of the riders whose riding exploits, over the years, have built up into the legend of the Vincent. This list appeared in June 1988 (MPH473), with a few additions appearing in March 1990 (MPH494), together with some advice on the criteria used. The Roll runs to over 80 names, and thus is too long to be regularly repeated in MPH, in the way that Honorary Members are listed every issue. For this reason, it has received little publicity over the years, and so the names, and their exploits, perhaps continue to fade. The objective of this series is to add a little more detail, where possible, to the brief comment accompanying the 1988 listing, and also to regenerate it in electronically held copy that could be more widely used, such as on a website.

Much of the Vincent legend was generated in the early years, when sporting use and record breaking was at its maximum. Two important criteria for the list are that it is strictly for riders, and that those rides should themselves have brought attention and respect to the marque. Thus even PCV does not feature, for, although the central character and driving force for the marque, his contribution was not of famous rides (or at least, no-one has yet researched any). Similarly, since the Vincent was built for touring, even quite extensive touring, which is a major modern use of the machines, is not of itself enough for inclusion. Nevertheless, there are examples in the list of outstanding riders, who have succeeded not only in enjoying the machine for its designed purpose, but also drawing the motorcycle world’s attention and contributing to the lustre of the marque – Stuart Jenkinson and Vinnylonglegs with over 1,000,000 km and still leading touring parties on this Series 'D' are a case in point.

Alan Jackson did a huge amount of work researching the majority of the listed riders, but he also had the benefit of having lived through the early post-war years when the Vincent legend was in formation. He could make judgements on whether names of the past played a significant part, either shining brightly for a short time, in a less bright but more sustained fashion, from his own experiences and recollections. I have only dusty magazines and reports to work with, so the entries alongside names cannot fully reflect the characters they describe – and any additional comment from Members who do remember, or have studied the carers would be welcome.

This list is correct as at July 2017.
Jacqueline Bickerstaff - Taken from MPH690, page 23.

Aitchison, Peter - MPH690, July 2006, page 24.
Amat, José - MPH690, July 2006, page 24.
Ashwell, Ian - MPH690, July 2006, page 24.

Barrington, ManliffeMPH691, August 2006, page 19.
Baxter, GlynMPH691, August 2006, page 19.
Biberman, SidMPH691, August 2006, page 20.
Bickerstaff, JacquelineMPH691, August 2006, page 20.
Board, S.F.MPH691, August 2006, page 20.
Bonne, G.A.MPH692, August 2006, page 11.
Breach, GeorgeMPH692, September 2006, page 11.
Brierley, MauriceMPH692, September 2006, page 12.
Brown, GeorgeMPH692, September 2006, page 12.
Burns, Robert 'Bob'MPH692, September 2006, page 13.

Capon, LanceMPH693, October 2006, page 12.
Carr, J.E.MPH693, October 2006, page 12.
Carruthers, JackMPH693, October 2006, page 12.
Chant, ChrisMPH694, November 2006, page 12.
Chaplin, BobMPH694, November 2006, page 12.
Chapman, BrianMPH694, November 2006, page 12.
Charlton, RoyMPH694, November 2006, page 13.
Chinn, DerekMPH695, December 2006, page 14.
Clarke, W.MPH695, December 2006, page 14.
Crothers, ColMPH695, December 2006, page 14.

Darvill, PeterMPH696, January 2007, page 14.
Davenport, MartinMPH696, January 2007, page 14.
Davenport, Maurice E.MPH696, January 2007, page 14.
Davies, H.R.MPH697, February 2007, page 28.
Daniels, J.D.MPH697, February 2007, page 29.
Davis, E.J. ‘Ted’MPH697, February 2007, page 29.
Despland, A.A.MPH696, January 2007, page 13.
Dickerson, MartyMPH698, March 2007, page 13.
Dixon, F.W. ‘Freddie’MPH698, March 2007, page 13.
Dunfey, DavidMPH804, January 2016, page 21.
Dwight, LesMPH698, March 2007, page 14.

Ehret, John (Jack)MPH699, April 2007, page 14.
Egli, FritzMPH699, April 2007, page 14.
Elger, RayMPH821, June 2017, page 21.

Farrant, R.W.M.MPH700, May 2007, page 13.
Forbes, BillMPH837, October 2018, page 12.
Free, RollieMPH700, May 2007, page 14.
Frend, TedMPH700, May 2007, page 14.

Gerrish, PeterMPH701, June 2007, page 23.
Gill, J.MPH701, June 2007, page 24.
Gott, G.E.MPH701, June 2007, page 25.

Heath, F.P.MPH702, July 2007, page 13.
Higgins, NevilleMPH702, July 2007, page 14.
Hodgkin, J.P.E.MPH703, August 2007, page 10.
Horn, C.MPH703, August 2007, page 10.
Howell, BarrieMPH703, August 2007, page 11.


Jenkinson, StuartMPH704, September 2007, page 17.
Johnson, ClemMPH704, September 2007, page 18.


Lashmar, D.G.MPH705, October 2007, page 20;
Lamb, L.D.MPH705, October 2007, page 21;

Macdonald, JohnMPH706, November 2007, page 14.
MacKay, ReayMPH706, November 2007, page 15.
Matson, DaveMPH706, November 2007, page 16.
McAlpine, W.A.MPH707, December 2007, page 11.
MacIver, P.R. (Pat) — MPH707, December 2007, page 11.
Milhoux, RenéMPH707, December 2007, page 12.
Mills, C.E.MPH707, December 2007, page 12.



Petteford, KenMPH708, January 2008, page 19.
Phillip, AlexMPH708, January 2008, page 20.
Picciotto, StephenMPH708, January 2008, page 20.
Pratt, FrankMPH709, February 2008, page 8.
Prime, JackMPH709, February 2008, page 8.
Proctor, VicMPH709, February 2008, page 9.


Ramanan, ShankerMPH711, April 2008, page 10.
Renwick, JohnMPH804, January 2016, page 23.
Rice, MelvinMPH711, April 2008, page 10.
Rose, TonyMPH712, May 2008, page 10.
Rous, CharlieMPH712, May 2008, page 11.
Russell, PeterMPH713, June 2008, page 9.

Simpson, JoeMPH714, July 2008, page 12.
Surtees, JackMPH715, August 2008, page 13.
Surtees, JohnMPH716, September 2008, page 12.

Taylor, HaroldMPH717, October 2008, page 21.
Touche, RodneyMPH717, October 2008, page 22.
Trenberth, MurrayMPH718, November 2008, page 13.
B.P.W. TwistMPH718, November 2008, page 13.


Vane, RonMPH719, December 2008, page 11.

Warton, LesMPH720, January 2009, page 9.
Williams, ChrisMPH720, January 2009, page 10.
Willison, DonMPH721, February 2009, page 22.
Winterburn, G.E.MPH722, March 2009, page 21.
Wood, Stanley ‘Ginger’MPH723, April 2009, page 17.
Wright, RussellMPH724, May 2009, page 12.


Young, E.T.MPH725, June 2009, page 14.


If you spot any errors or omissions, please contact Graham Smith by clicking HERE.
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    7 October 2020
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