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Machine Registrars and Researchers

Machine Registrars and Researchers past and present since 1949. *Deceased.

April 1972
John Marshall* first appears in MPH as Machine Registrar.

Works Records transferred to Microfiche.

March 1990
John Marshall* wins Machine Registrar election.
Bob Haines* comes second.

June 1990
Bob Haines* starts as Assistant Machine Registrar to John Marshall* .
Bob Haines* starts a register of owners bikes in Microsoft Excel format.

January 1991
DVLA introduce V765 scheme to reclaim original UK registrations.

March 1993
Bob Haines* elected as Machine Registrar.
John Marshall* retires.

March 1997
Gordon Powell starts writing articles in MPH.
Gordon Powell had already entered the Works Records into Access data table (Gordon Powell must have been unofficially working with Bob Haines* for a while).

May 1997
Gordon Powell takes over as Machine Registrar due to Bob Haines* retiring.

October 1998
Position of Researcher assistant created at Annual General Meeting for Vince Farrell who had unofficially being doing it for a while.

October 2011
Bob Haines* passes away.

December 2013
Gordon Powell retires.
Andrew Everett* takes over as Machine Registrar (for a few months only).

April 2014
Vince Farrell Acting Machine Registrar until new Registrar and Researcher can be found.

November 2014
Simon Dinsdale New Machine Registrar.
Frank Pearson New Machine Researcher.

August 2015
New Machine Registrar database goes live which contains new scans of Works Records.

November 2017
Frank Pearson steps down as Machine Researcher.

September 2018
Jon Lambley becomes new Machine Researcher.

If you spot any errors, please contact Simon Dinsdale by clicking HERE.
  • Published
    15 March 2021
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