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Officers of the Vincent H.R.D. Owners Club

Description of what the officers of the Club actually do
President - Bryan Philips Click HERE to contact Bryan.
The President is a senior Member of the Club whose experience, advice and influence is of benefit to the Club. This post is non-executive in that it does not have a portfolio of responsibility. Election of the President is by postal ballot of the membership.

Vice President - Post Not Filled
The Vice President is a Member of the Club whose experience and advice is of benefit to the Committees of the Club. This post is non-executive in that it does not have a portfolio of responsibility. Election of Vice President is by two thirds majority at a General Meeting.

Hon. Chairman - Jacqueline Bickerstaff Click HERE to contact Jacqueline.
The Chairman shall have an overview of all club affairs and will see that these are conducted within the rules and policies of the Club. The Chairman is responsible for the efficient running of all Club Meetings and the efficient operation of the Club’s Committees and the individual members of those committees. He/she will be ex-officio a member of all committees and sub-committees.

Hon. Secretary - Gill Lowinger Click HERE to contact Gill.
The Secretary is responsible for arranging and recording all meetings of the Club and its main Committees. He/she is responsible for the club’s administration processes and also ensures that the Club operates according to the Club Rules and in accordance with all national and local government laws or other applicable regulations in force. The Secretary deals with day-to-day correspondence external to the Club. He/she will be ex-officio a member of all committees and sub-committees. An Assistant Secretary may be appointed to assist with the preparation and circulation of minutes. The Secretary shall have complete access to all data bases, records and documentation held in the Club’s name. He /she shall have responsibility for security and in particular Data Protection issues for all such records. The Secretary shall be aware of all aspects of Club business that may lay the Club open to liability. A Liability and Insurance Assistant may be appointed to support in this task. The Secretary is responsible for organising all elections of officials held under Section 19 of the Rules.

Hon. Treasurer - Antony Read Click HERE to contact Antony.
Hon. Treasurer The Treasurer is responsible for the implementation of all financial business of the Club, from collecting subscriptions to paying bills. He/she is responsible for the management of the Club’s Reserve Funds, in line with the Club’s Reserves Policy.

Hon. MPH Editor - Graham Smith Click HERE to contact Graham.
Under the Rules, the Club will publish a monthly journal, MPH, to all Members. The Editor is responsible for compiling, publishing and distributing MPH but may seek assistance in this task, from volunteers or commercially. The production of MPH is the Club’s biggest single annual cost, and consumes around 80% of the annual subscription income. The Editor will prepare budgets in a timely fashion to allow subscription rates to be fixed, and will then be responsible for keeping costs within those budgets. The Editor will have discretion to edit or reject any material submitted for publication in MPH. The Editor is also responsible for what material from MPH, if any, will be displayed on the Club’s website & forum. Advertisements placed in MPH are handled by the Advertisement Manager, who is an assistant to the Editor, but who also has a responsibility to the Treasurer for all income and the accounting there of.

Hon. Social Secretary - Peter Appleton Click HERE to contact Peter.
The Social Secretary is responsible for organising and co-ordinating the social activity of the Club. Individual Sections of the Club are free to organise their own social events but, as far as possible, the Social Secretary will try to minimise clashes between different events. He/she has the authority to refuse to advertise an event in MPH if the organisers of the event refuse to co-operate with the Social Secretary in agreeing dates.

Hon. Spares Liaison Officer - Tony Milbourn Click HERE to contact Tony.
The Liaison Officer was first appointed in August 2002 using the vacant EC position of Sports Secretary. With a rule change in October 2002 the Sports Secretary post was changed to Liaison Officer along with appropriate portfolio. The Liaison Officers post is unique in that, by agreement with the Board of the VOC Spares Company, the person elected by the Club’s normal processes shall also be accepted by the VOCSC as a director of the company. The Liaison Officer’s principal function is to provide a regular formal link between the VOCSC and the Club, he shall attend and have voting powers at Board meetings and all Club meetings. As and when the individual in post ceases to be the Liaison Officer, it is understood that he will resign as a director of the VOCSC. However if the Board feel that he/she still has a valuable role to play in the Company they may be requested to stay on but only if this is of no impediment to the new Liaison Officer becoming a Director e.g., The maximum number of Director posts being occupied.

Hon. Information Officer - Paul Adams Click HERE to contact Paul.
The Information Officer is responsible for the Club’s Public Relations, the flow of information into and out of the Club as well as within it. He/she deals with membership enquiries that arrive via publications or the Club’s website, and is responsible for the Club’s contacts with the motorcycling press and media. He/she is responsible for the Club’s policy and involvement in external shows and events, and for the materials held by the Club for use in such shows. The Information officer shall co-operate with the Treasurer in maintaining the Asset Register.

Hon. Overseas Representative - Marcus Bowden Click HERE to contact Marcus.
The Overseas Representative is responsible for ensuring that the large body of members living outside the UK are represented in the committees that run the Club and decide on Club Policy, and that such members are kept informed of developments within the Club.

Hon. Technical Officer - Bill Parr Click HERE to contact Bill.
The Technical Officer is responsible for the Club’s involvement in the technical and engineering aspects of ownership of machinery produced by the Vincent Factory. He is responsible for co-ordinating the work of the Club’s Technical Committee.

Hon. Computer Officer - Post Vancant
The Computer Officer was first elected in October 2007. With a club rule change in October 2006 the new post was formed. The post was deemed essential to the Club’s policy to incorporate computerisation and IT to improve the day to day running and resources of the club. The Computer Officer’s functions are two fold; to provide support, assistance and training to other Officers (& their Assistants), by developing computer resources that support their day to day portfolios; to capitalise on existing, and develop new, IT resources to offer broader, enhanced and novel facilities to club members.

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    22 December 2017
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