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Advertisement Manager

Advertisement Managers past and present since 1949. *Deceased.

Floggers Corner has gone under several titles through the years…

Ye Old Curiosity Shop, Scrap Yard, Any Old Iron, Auction Mart, What You Got, Dodo's Corner, Under The Bench, On The Market, Bargains Centre, Off The Shelf, Lashers Bend, and of course, Floggers Corner. There were more.

01. January 1950-October 1951 K.V. Fitzpatrick

02. November 1951-May 1952 Reg Holloway

03. November 1952-April 1953 A.K. Kell

04. May 1954-June 1954 R.A.J. Trew

05. July 1954-November 1954 J.S. Stephenson

06. December 1954-September 1957 G. Neave

07. October 1957-July 1958 Dave Frost

08. August 1958-March 1960 Ken Earle

09. April 1960-April 1961 Alan Langdon

10. May 1961-June 1961 Alan Richmond

11. July 1961-June 1965 Jim Burton

12. July 1965-April 1967 Mike Spreadbury (called Spreadway for some months!)

13. May 1967-June 1970 Peter Anderson

14. July 1970-June 1971 Sydney Hicks

15. July 1971-May 1973 Sally Carter

16. June 1973-November 1974 Peter Anderson

17. December 1974-February 1977 Rod Farr

18. March 1977-April 1978 Christine Maxwell

19. May 1978-September 2003 Jenny Bloor

20. October 2003-April 2014 Justin Mackay Smith

21. May 2014-September 2019 Jim Burgess

22. October 2019-Date Joshua Smith

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    16 March 2021
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