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wiring loom


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Non-VOC Member
who does the best wiring loom for twins out there? i've already bought two differnt types that are not very well made so keen to know other forum folks experiences.

Graham Smith

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VOC Forum Administrator
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VOC Executive Committee
I know it doesn't answer your question about Twin looms, but I bought one for a Comet last year from the Spares Company, and it was brilliant.

A couple of people had told me to make my own up, as the shop bought ones had to be adjusted to fit, but this wasn't the case - it was a perfect fit.


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I made my own, using a couple of meteres of 5 core auto wire, a handful of terminals and followed the diagram in the spares sheet. All finished in an afternoon, cost: less than a slab of beer!


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I can agree with Graham. I bought a Spares Co. loom for my Comet and it fitted beautifully. I wouldn't waste your time making one for how much a pre-made one costs.