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F: Frame Seat bolts 327


New Forum User
VOC Member
Hi All
One of my seat bolts is damaged and I want to fit new bolts. The bolts fitted have a double length hex head 1 1/4 x 1/4 BSF with slight dome. The parts list M037 and the VOC Spares list show a standard head bolt.
Which is correct for 1951 Series C Comet. I will get a couple machined up if need be.
Bruce Andersen


The VOC Spares Company Limited

Well Known and Active Forum User
VOC Member
The ones we supply are correct, I would say that! But all the bolts and screws listed with a numerical part number only are 'standard' industry spec items. Any part Vincent made specially has a part number starting with a letter e.g. the other bolt next to 327, FT129 is a 5/16 shank with a 1/4 size head and a non standard thread to parallel shank ratio.